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My Timeless Skin Care Range was created in response to working with so many different different skin types over the past decade.

Over the years, I have treated every skin concern imaginable.

Cherry picking my favourites from different brands,  became confusing and disjointed for my clients and I.

When the opportunity arose to formulate my own brand, the timing made perfect sense.  I had a wealth of experience knowing which ingredients did and didn’t work.

I had also witnessed first hand, the devastating effects poor ingredients can have on peoples skin.

The aim of Timeless was to introduce a premium medical strength brand to busy women, that offers simplicity and ease of use, without compromising on quality. 

I wanted to strip away hype and unnecessary steps to achieve great results, revealing core products with evidence based ingredients that deliver on their promises.

An elegant  range for age maintenance, that promotes beautiful, healthy glowing skin.



Sorry, I am away until the 14th February.  The shop will re-open then.




Introducing Gemma’s bespoke medi-facial

Introducing Gemma’s bespoke medi-facial

Those who work with me already, will know my ethos is all about great looking skin.  I don't believe in changing faces and only choose to work with people who love how they look and simply wish to preserve what they have been given, or gently restore what has been...

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Appointments up to Christmas booking fast

Appointments up to Christmas booking fast

I can't quite believe there are only 10 weeks left to Christmas! I don't know about you, but I feel as though I've barely come up for air this year. I just wanted to let you know, if you're thinking of booking for Christmas, that all clinic dates for the rest of...

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Introducing Timeless Treatment Packages.

Introducing my new Timeless Premium Packages and Timeless Refresh Packages. Created to provide a more smooth and seamless service. For example. Someone may be looking for help with sagging skin.  The most effective treatment, would require a plan that would address...

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