The Perfect Peel available in Halifax West Yorkshire by Gemma Montgomery Skin

The name says it all. The perfect peel is a revolutionary peel that will transform your skin to look younger, healthier and clearer in just 1 week.

This peel must only be applied by a trained medical professional and the manufacturers have stipulated that each treating clinic is picked for its professional suitability.

There are several key elements that make this peel unique:

So lets get to the exciting part – what does The Perfect Peel do?

The Perfect Peel available at Gemma Montgomery Skin
The Perfect Peel : Before & After

Classed as a medium depth peel, it contains a blend of different acids and vitamins, each with a specific function, to produce phenomenal results, giving:




 Video Demonstration

To see the benefits for myself I undertook this treatment on my training day. I’m now 1 week post peel and I’m loving the results already.

The following is my video demonstration:

The following FAQ’S have been put together, which hopefully should answer any further questions you may have.


The Perfect Peel available by Gemma Montgomery Skin
The Perfect Peel : Before and After Images

How many treatments are necessary for visible improvement?

After just one treatment the overall skin and complexion will appear smooth, glowing and fresh. It’s entirely your choice. One to three peels a year can be taken to maintain results e.g. every one every 4 months, but it is not compulsory. For those with stubborn skin conditions such as acne and severe pigmentation a series of 2-3 treatments every 4 weeks initially will allow for optimum results. There is also the option to boost the perfect peel to make it even more concentrated.

How long will results last?

As long as the skin is maintained with good quality skincare, then two or three treatments per year can be taken to sustain the desired results for regular maintenance and rejuvenation. This isn’t compulsory and your skin will benefit from just one.

Does the Perfect Peel burn?

You will feel a slight hot tingling sensation on application, which subsides after a few seconds. After 1 layer of application the skin should feel quite numb. A fan may be used if desired.

How long does application take?

The perfect peel takes less than 15 minutes to administer.

How severe is the peeling?

I won’t flower it up, those of you who follow my Facebook page will have read my diary entries and heard me discuss the peeling. You will see moderate to large amounts of peeling, but only for a short time, approx 2 days. Peeling starts on day 3 post peel and is generally at it’s worse on day 3 and day 4. Following this, the skin appears more dry for up to day 7. I would therefore schedule days 3 and 4 post peel to fall on your days off, or days where you can lay low.

What will I look like immediately after having the perfect peel?

Immediately after the skin will appear red, like sunburn, and slightly darker. As the peeling starts, the skin will still remain pinky. By day 7 the peeling process will be complete and the results are visibly astonishing!

Are there any specific home care instructions?

Yes. Following the procedure, you will be given a take home pack. The pack will contain two retinol face wipes and a moisturiser. Moisturiser of any kind must not be worn until day 3 when the peeling starts. It’s therefore advisable to stay out of the sun. Days 1 and 2 post peel a retinol wipe must be used each night.

Make up can be worn the following day post peel, mineral based is recommended. I personally chose not to wear any and ride it out as to not interfere with my skin and the process too much. Whilst peeling is being undertaken, heavy exercise is to be avoided as sweat can aggravate the skin.

Can the peel be applied to other body parts?

Yes the peel can be applied to neck, chest, hands and back.

What follow up skin care is recommended?

10 days post treatment the main staples of anti –ageing should be worn, to enhance results. These include retinol, Vitamin C and if pigmentation is a concern then a de -pigmenting cream. The perfect peels own skin care range is fabulous and a really reasonable price point, for the amount of product you get.

Their Vitamin C is 20% and industry gold standard. This is because it’s lipid soluble, meaning it’s a form of Vitamin C that’s stable. Different forms of Vitamin C can easily become unstable when in water from oxidizing and losing it’s potency thus it’s beneficial effect on the skin.

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