We all love the sun and in moderation we know that exposure is good for our physical and emotional health.

Sadly over exposure or lack of appropriate protection can have the opposite effect. From aging our skin prematurely, damaging our DNA and increasing our risk of skin cancer.
Until the last few years I always struggled to find a good quality sunscreen that I was willing to put on my face daily, One that wouldn’t clog my pore and make my acne prone skin worse, that was so light I could wear under my makeup without the white mask greasy feel. Then like a miracle I discovered Heliocare. I can honestly say hands down it’s the best find I have ever made. I’ve worn it now for the past 5 years, more or less daily.

Heliocare is now a well-known trusted brand with multiple awards to its name. It provides optimum UVA /UVB protection and the most recent formulations have the added protection from visible light and infared protection, great for those with a history or increased risk of sun sensitivity, skin cancer or spend a great deal of time outdoors.

Not only does Heliocare provide protection and prevention from the harmful effects of the suns rays, it also contains well known ingredients to fight skin ageing and DNA damage, such as:

So how much product should you apply for optimum safety and effectiveness?

As a general rule the recommended amount is the length of your index finger.

Heliocare is available in different formulations, they’re all fab but you need to choose what’s right for your own needs.

The 3 most common formulations are colour free but for those looking for three products in one, a sunscreen moisturiser and foundation then the tinted formulations may be for you. Here is a quick breakdown:

Heliocare Gel 50 UV Protection from Gemma Montgomery SkinHELIOCARE ADVANCED SPF 50 GEL

The original version and still as popular as ever! Don’t be fooled by the word gel. This formulation looks and feels like a light weight cream and when applied leaves no sticky residue. Worn daily it provides high level UVA /UVB skin health and protection with added fernblock and green tea for extra skin antioxidant protection.

Suitable for all skin types.  BUY NOW


Heliocare XF gel 50 uv protection from Gemma Montgomery SkinHELIOCARE ADVANCED SPF 50 XF GEL

With a unique extra fusion formulation it takes Heliocares high-level UV and antioxidant protection to a new level. When applied it melts in to the skin for invisible comfort.

Contains UVA/UVB protection, Fernblock, green tea, Vitamin E and phytoshingosomes which have anti – microbial and anti –inflammatory properties. This formulation has a slightly thinner, more runny consistency than the original Heliocare advanced.

Can be used on all skin types but particularly ideal for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin.  BUY NOW



Heliocares latest formulation. Provides the same level of UVA/UVB protection but also contains high level light and infrared protection. Contains skin antioxidant ingredients Fernblock, green Tea, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Roxisomes, fighting DNA damage and phytosphingosines, which are anti inflammatory.

An ideal choice for those who are particular sun sensitive, struggling with conditions such as light induced pigmentation. Ideal for those with a history of sun sensitivity, increased risk or history of skin cancer, or spend a great deal of time outdoors.  BUY NOW



High level SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection combining Fernblock and skin anti oxidants green tea and vitamin E. This formulation has the same light weight feel as Heliocare advanced SPF 50 but is combined with skin foundation in a light and brown shade, enabling it to be used all over daily as a light weight foundation or concealer depending on skin tone and cover up needs.

Suitable for all skin types. BUY NOW


heliocare-50-sun-touchHELIOCARE SUN TOUCH HYDROGEL SPF 50

High level SPF50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB and anti oxidant protection in a great to use tinted moisturiser. Providing shimmer to the skin. Giving an all year round sun-touched look without the risk of damage.  BUY LIGHT SHADE NOW       BUY BROWN SHADE NOW

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