Clean 9 imageI’m a huge advocate of ‘you are what you eat’, or even more so ‘you are what you absorb’. For your body to function at It’s optimum, it needs to be given the correct amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in combination with the right foods that help the body absorb these nutrients.

Nourishing the the body correctly will not only help you become leaner with better skin, hair and nails, it will also feed the brain to make you feel brighter in mood and more energised.

The Clean 9 is a 9-day cleanse aimed to help kick start a healthier, slimmer you. The main elements of the Clean 9 are:

Please rest assured the supplements given for weight during this cleanse are not synthetic diet tablets, which are often amphetamine based.

Garcinia used in the cleanse is derived from a south Asian tree and has been used for centuries throughout Asia. It inhibits an enzyme, which converts calories into fat, encouraging the burning of existing fat stores whilst breaking down sugars to be used for energy. Garcinia also contains good fats, which help protect the heart, regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The second supplement ‘Therm’ contains a special selection of vitamins, such as b12 and C, which in combination help raise core body temperature, speeding up metabolism to burn fat faster.

Aloe Vera gel in the form of a drink contains an abundance of essential vitamins, including vitamin b12 (one of the only two vegetable sources available), minerals, folic acid and essential amino acids, seven, which are directly linked to cell growth. There are so many nutrients in this drink and regular drinkers, myself included report an increased sense of well-being, not to mention softer, more hydrated skin. Not all aloe vera drinks have the same quality. This brand is superior in quality in terms of the type of aloe vera plant used, the aloe content the freshness and is also free from pesticide and herbicide use. In a nutshell it’s as near as you can get to cutting open the plant yourself and drinking it.

The clean 9 is available in two different flavours, chocolate and vanilla. Working with this product since October 2014, I’ve had great success, with weight loss ranging up to 16 lbs.

A big bonus is clients have quickly seen changes in their skin and reported an all round elevation in mood and well being.

For a more detailed day-to-day step-by-step look at the clean 9, please click to download the pdf

The clean 9 retails at £120 with delivery and you will receive one to one support.

For the month of January, to help you achieve your goals faster, each person who purchases a clean 9 will receive a FREE personal training session worth £25 with John Mcqueeny at Absolute fitness pt, Halifax. Please don’t feel intimidated. John works at a pace comfortable to you and is extremely professional, and knowledgeable. Sessions are taken in private within John’s own gym.

To purchase for home delivery, please click on the following link, which will take you to my online store.

Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham are reported in the media to be a fan and working with this product since October 2014, I’ve had great success, with weight loss ranging up to 16 lbs.

A big bonus for me is the huge improvement clients have seen in their skin, although it isn’t surprising with the building blocks the skin cells have been given.

Here are a few recent testimonials

I’ve just finished the Clean 9, and I feel amazing!
The first two days were hard going, I found it difficult to drink the Aloe.
However, I pushed on and so glad I did. I’ve lost 16lbs, 4 inches off my chest, and 2 inches off my waist.
Before I started I felt very low about my weight and that when I got home I didn’t have the energy to play games with my 5 yr old son. This has now taken an about turn, the energy l have is off the scale, it’s as though I’ve gone back to my youth. ‘Walking on air’ is a great way to describe how you feel after and during this cleanse.
I am so grateful to Gemma for providing the answers to all my questions and for giving me with the motivational support to keep going, as it would of been quite easy for me to quit within the first stages.

David – Manchester

Excellent programme and I am just waiting 4 my delivery of the next step – FIT 1 programme xx

Sharon Halifax

I’ve been trying different things for so long and this is the only thing that’s worked!!

J.A Halifax

8lbs in 9 days and great skin too!. Thanks Gemma. x

Rachel Halifax

So there you have it. If you want to beat the bloat quickly, improve your skin and feel brighter in mood, then this is for you! What better way to kick start your 2015.

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