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Don’t Suffer From Problem Skin In Silence. I can Help. 

If this is you I can wholeheartedly sympathise. 18 years I suffered with the same problem skin and spent endless amounts of money, time and energy on skin products that didn’t live up to their promises and often made it worse. Back and forth to the doctor I pumped my body with various antibiotics and synthetic hormones in my quest for smooth flawless skin.

The psychological impacts of problem skin are huge. You almost feel disfigured in some way and if you’re anything like me I used to avoid looking face on in the mirror and making eye contact with people unless I had makeup on to help disguise it. I felt when I was in conversation with someone that they were making judgments about me as a person, and my lifestyle through the look of my skin. I know those feelings were really my own thoughts but it still made me want to yell, I clean my skin all the time! I eat really healthily! – Just incase anyone thought otherwise.

I couldn’t understand why I tried to take care of my skin more than anyone in my social circle, yet they could put any old cream on, sleep in their makeup and still be fine, what was I doing wrong?

I’ve now healed my problem skin (self healed I have to add) and can help you do the same. Through my skin education, own experience and treating different skins daily I now know I was almost paying my skin too much attention. Chopping and changing creams and skin treatments and worrying! (More about that later) So what do I now know and MOST IMPORTANTLY how can I help you?

Case Study


This is a 33-year-old lady who presented in my clinic with a five-year history of skin congestion, a problem which started after the birth of her first child. Up to that point she had never had any skin issues or concerns. She had been back and forth to different skin clinics and her own doctor trying multiple regimes with zero effect and often worsening of her condition. It was uncanny how hearing her story was like hearing my own.

Step 1

I took her off all her current skincare products to take things back to basics.
This is important because if the skins over stimulated though various products it’s hard to know what’s actually causing the problem and you may end up eliminating something that’s actually beneficial. Less is more and in my clinic products are often introduced one at a time.

The first product introduced was a simple gentle cleanser free of emulsifiers, mineral oil, parabens and fragrance. This was to use at night to remove daily grime and makeup

Step 2

Treatment wise to make progress I wanted to get back to as clean a canvas as possible with an aim to quickly get rid of the aftermath lurking under the skin from the products she’d been using. To achieve this I performed a course of 6 light medical peels once a week. It’s important to pick a peel that contains the right type and amount of light acids for the problem in question, whilst not destroying the skin barrier any further.

Step 3

During the peel course I introduced a second cream to use in the morning. This cream gave UVA / UVB protection whilst being light enough to use as it’s made with a formulation that won’t clog the pore.

Step 4

We then focused on internal health. We worked together on a weekly food plan to ensure refined carbohydrates such as white pasta, bread and rice were kept to a minimum along with sugar. Food choices would include omega 3 essential fatty acids and the right kind of fruit and vegetables to combat internal inflammation. This lady was really eager to get going and with her nutrition interest owned a nutribullet so didn’t find that aspect too hard to maintain.

Step 5

I focused on nutritional support through the use of natural food based Supplements. I prescribed a superior form of natural food based skin supplements. My rationale behind this was I needed to know she would ingesting the exact vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed to make strong healthy skin cells that would go through the process of being able to shed from the skin at the end of their life cycle.

Step 6

This involved looking at stress. Like many of us this lady felt that she can feel the effects of stress in her body very easily and this was compounded in her daily worry about her skin. Together we worked out in-depth strategies to help her manage her stress levels much better.

Step 7

Presently the client undertakes a bespoke skin maintenance programme prescribed by me to use home along with her supplements and we hold regular reviews. The aim of the products is to support the skins function, restore the protective barrier and keep the skin from product build up.

She is under strict instructions to use nothing else on the skin and to not pick as this continues the cycle further.

Step 8

The final step will be to work on any areas of scaring that outbreaks and congestion have left behind. This will be done through microneedling the skin in clinic.

The following pictures were taken on meeting and around 10 weeks after starting my treatment protocol. You can see already the progress made with just a very small red area left to clear. Since writing this blog this has now healed.

Important Note

At the start of the treatment we agreed together that although this holistic meets medical approach may take longer than a quick hit of medical skincare containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid our strategy would be more kind to the health of the skin and be more beneficial long term.

Maintenance of a condition may require ad hoc skin treatments in clinic once the condition has improved or healed. This particular lady stated she felt it was a small price to pay to stay on top of her skin and feel more daily confidence. Not to mention the fact that her skin products have been reduced and simplified.

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