Welcome to part 2 on tackling pigmentation.

For those who missed part 1 here’s the link covering:

This week I want to show you my top rated products, that, when used in combination with treatments, or on their own, deliver results.

The most common mistake people make when buying skincare to tackle pigmentation, is opting for over the counter products as opposed to medical and here’s why!

Medical skincare contains ingredients that are way more potent than department store products. This applies to designer high-end brands and regular high street products. Medical strength means the ingredients can penetrate deeper into the skin to bring about change and results.

The high concentration of ingredients means that medical skincare can only be sold through a trained medical professional or issued on prescription.

The results from medical skin care studies must also demonstrate safety, along with proven results.

Over the counter products smell nice, feel great to apply and the packaging is fancy, but that my friends is where it all ends.

So lets have a look at my two top medical skincare picks, which cut the mustard when it comes to reducing brown spots.


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The Neoretin set consist of two products, a serum and gel cream.

How it works

The products contain a blend of medical strength retinol, skin lighteners and anti-inflammatories, along with advanced UV protection and moisturisation. This ensures all parts of the melanin production cycle are targeted.

The clinical results are impressive. The studies conducted show an observed improvement in terms of pigmentation, skin brightness and moister levels in 70% Caucasian and 80% Asian individuals.

When starting any skin care, 90 days continued use, must be given to assess results properly. This is an average of 3 skin cycles.


A really affordable price point. The gel and serum set is just £79,
Initiate and boost packs are also available that contain 2 serums and 1 gel cream for £119.

The treatments are really well tolerated, with minimal if any side effects.


None that I can think of.

obagi-c RX systemObagi crx

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A complete skin kit based around the anti oxidant vitamin C, exfoliants and specific ingredients aimed at pigmentation such as hydroquinone.

Each kit contains a cleanser, a clarifying serum, night lotion, exfoliator and sunscreen.

Again the results are impressive. 97% of patients saw an overall improvement in skin appearance.


As with all Obagi products, it works really well and has good tolerability.


There have been some health safety concerns over the ingredient hydroquinone, which is an active ingredient in the CRX kit. Fortunately the percentage contained in CRX is FDA approved for safety and has been for many years.
Expense – For some it may be an expensive purchase, but the kit does last several months.

This product can’t be purchased online. It must be purchased on prescription via your medical professional.

An important take home message is to remember the importance of treating the skin correctly through the right products and lifestyle choices now to prevent problems like this happening.

As the wise old saying goes, prevention is better than cure and always easier to treat

Nutritionally try including more UV skin protecting antioxidant foods in to your diet. Healthy skin cells need the right building blocks to function correctly.

Deficient diet = deficient skin.

Here’s some examples:

I stock a wide range of quality vitamins and minerals and happy to advise further.

So that completes my insight into pigmentations. As you may of guessed. It’s stubborn, unpredictable and has many factors influencing it.

The good news is that help is available. With the right treatments, skincare and lifestyle choices, it can be reduced considerably.

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