I’m still shocked when I come across those who believe that what we fuel our body with, has no correlation with how we look on the outside, and more importantly, how we think and feel on the inside.

Every single cell in our body needs to be given the right nutrients to do its job properly, skin cells included!

We’ve been born into a world where nature supplies these vital nutrients in abundance all around us.

As a skin and health specialist I believe it’s my duty to help you uncover all ways possible to look and feel your best and gain the maximum benefit from your treatments.

The treatments I perform are a small part of the process of looking your best. I like to think of them as the final finishing touches, the same way a painter creates a work of art.

With my experience I regularly help clients focus on making a shift with their lifestyle.  We all need a little support and guidance from time to time.  For instance, there may be the client who exercises and eats exceptionally well, but battles with stress and anxiety (extremely ageing).  Or the stressed out working mum, who has no time for herself.

Self care, really makes THE BIGGEST difference! Everyone will want to know your secret and most importantly, you will look and feel amazing!

This week I’m sharing two very simple juice recipes, that literally take 5 minutes to prepare.  For me juicing has always been a great way to get a hit of nutrients, quickly and conveniently, around the million things I have to do.

The first juice is for skin hydration and the second to give the skin a lovely glow.  Both are excellent sources of nutrients, to fuel your body.

Skin Hydrator

Packed with high water content fruit and vegetables to hydrate you from within. Try and buy organic where possible. Ideally used with a blending type device such as a nutriullet.

FullSizeRender1 cup of spinach
¼ cucumber
3 cups of diced watermelon
1 cup of diced pineapple
1 tablespoon of chai seeds.
Coconut water

1.Wash and chop the ingredients
2. Place in the blender
3. sprinkle over the chai seeds.
4. Fill with coconut water
5. Blend.


Simple Skin Glow

Packed with vitamin A, beta carotene and antioxidants to strengthen and brighten your skin. Try and buy organic where you can. This recipe is best juiced, not blended.

FullSizeRender (1)1 apple
1 carrot
1 stick of celery.

1. Wash and prep the ingredients.
2. Juice
3. stir well before drinking.

Extracts the liquid from the fruit and vegetables, leaving behind the pulp / fibre.

Blends all the whole ingredients together, making a smooth, pureed consistency.

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