In a recent blog, I talked about the Perfect A and its amazing benefits for ageing. click here to read.

During the past couple of weeks, several clients and I have been road testing two new products from the Perfect range, The Perfect Cleanser and The Perfect C serum. So far they’re both getting a big thumbs up!

But first here’s the low down on The Perfect Cleanser

The Perfect Cleanser claims to deep cleanse without irritation, smoothing imperfections, exfoliating and boosting the complexions ability to renew itself, neutralising bacteria and free radicals.

I particularly wanted to test this fact, as I’ve always been prone to skin that can easily become congested, suffering terribly in my younger years with acne. My skin can be on the oily side, so if I use a product too emulsifying, my pores can easily become clogged. To this day I always benefit from the light acids in varying skin peels.

So how does the cleanser achieve what it claims?

The cleanser contains an expert blend of acid and antioxidants. Azelaic acid found in the Cleanser is a naturally occurring acid, particularly useful in helping the skin to renew itself more quickly and reducing bacteria that cause pimples, blackheads and rosacea. The ingredient Willow bark, contains salicylic acid and BHA, a natural exfoliant, helping the skin to shed the build up of dead skin cells, keeping the pore clear.

Antioxidants such as green tea, sugar cane, fruit extracts, vitamin E and aloe vera are useful in fighting free radical damage and inflammation, whilst helping to brighten and soothe the skin.

I personally love the fact that the combination of ingredients lift the impurities off the skin, as opposed to just rubbing exfoliating beads around the skin. This, in my opinion just moves the build up of dead skin around the face and is quite abrasive to the skin.

The word acid sounds scary, could the cleanser be too harsh?

This is always a major worry for me with cleansers and creams, but as assured by the manufacturers, the results so far show no evidence of skin compromise. Colleagues within the cosmetic industry have reported great results with delicate skins such as rosacea, which is really promising. I think the success in reducing any irritation, is due to the cleverly formulated blend of skin soothing antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Client selection is always key, so If an individual presents with a severely compromised skin barrier, with a problem such as eczema, then I will suggest something different.

Who will benefit from The Perfect Cleanser?

If your skin is relatively normal, but appears dull, lacking radiance, then The Perfect Cleanser is ideal for you. If your skin is prone to breakouts and congestion build up, it will help to keep the pore clear.

So what’s my overall verdict so far?

I can honestly say after two weeks use, my skin feels smoother to touch and definitely appears more radiant. I can see that the surface build up of dead skin has cleared and my pores look more even and my skin generally healthier and brighter. I must add that I can still use my Vitamin A at night after cleansing, without any issues. My Clients who’ve testing the Perfect Cleanser have also reported the exact same findings. This means that the product will become a welcome addition in my clinic and shop.

So now we have clean clear skin, lets talk about the active ingredients we should be placing on it.

If you regularly read what I write, then you’ll know by now that it’s the active preparations that go on to your skin that make all the difference. Try to get out of the habit of thinking that a daily moisturiser is what does all the work, it doesn’t! Your daily cream should adequately protect your skin from harm, such as UVA/UVB exposure and ensure it’s optimally hydrated. Central heating, outside temperatures, air travel etc. can all wreck havoc with the skins natural function.

The two key active ingredients that make a change and support your skin from ageing prematurely are Vitamin A and Vitamin C. There’s a host of others up for the running, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and growth factors, but Vitamin A and Vitamin C should be your first and foremost main staples. The medical evidence for their use is overwhelming.

So lets discuss The Perfect C

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant for the skin, helping to protect against harmful ageing free radicals. It also helps support collagen formation, by preventing collagen breakdown and it helps to brighten the skin.

Just to confuse things, there are varying strengths of Vitamin C, often expressed in terms of percentage with various stabilities. This means should a low strength, unstable preparation be used in a skincare product, then it will become ineffective on the skin.

The Perfect C contains 20% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, the highest strength and most advanced form of Vitamin C. It’s very stable and can penetrate the epidermis deeply, providing superior skin lightening and collagen synthesis, for a more youthful complexion.

It also contains the following:

So what benefits can you expect to see?

I believe the Perfect C will be a perfect addition to my treatment menu. My ethos has always been about using high quality products that give results.


Introductory offers

**** For the month of APRIL ONLY undertake a Perfect Peel treatment and receive a free Perfect Cleanser worth £50 (consultations can be arranged in our Contact Us section – here)

Purchase The Perfect Cleanser and The Perfect C together as a bundle and receive £10.00 discount on the total price.***

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