I’ve finally implemented an important service, that you can access from the comfort of your own home.

It was the recent diagnosis of my husbands B12 deficiency ( it was pretty much non existent) that prompted me to take action!

Picked up routinely on a blood test, we had not linked the symptoms of palpitations, digestive issues, thinning hair, dark shadows and tiredness to a deficiency.

After a period of stress, which we put his symptoms down to, he did a test, intrigued to see if his body was functioning optimally.

Once we began reading further, we were shocked at the consequences this deficiency can have.

The well man test also showed raised cholesterol.  He was given a statin, straight off the bat.   But we decided to hold off till we saw if treating the B12, would affect the cholesterol in any way, and it did!  Cholesterol profile returned to normal levels.

This got me thinking of my hospital nursing days.  I began to wonder how many conditions had been treated incorrectly, due to symptoms and co existing problems caused by an underlying root deficiency.

There is also a clear correlation between our internal health and our outside appearance.  I have treated hundreds of clients over the years, some with troublesome skin problems, others with ageing concerns and others who just don’t feel as vibrant as they should.

During consultation I’ve advised specific blood tests to rule out internal imbalances and deficiencies, so I can treat accordingly.

The main sticking point which arose, was that many felt frightened to ask their GP for tests, as they feared their problem didn’t seem serious enough.  Or the Doctor simply refused to send for specific tests, dismissing their own concerns.

I can see why to an extent.  An upsurge in routine testing could induce an epidemic of the so called ‘worried well’ and there are cost implications surrounding the NHS, but I also believe no one knows our body better than we do.

We are the keepers of our body and surely we have the right to maintain and service it however we see fit, without seeking permission.

I also believe with that comes taking responsibility for ourselves. Looking after our own health and wellbeing and treating our body and mind well.

Missing deficiencies can mean the acne sufferer never  gets better as their adrenal fatigue,  hormonal imbalance or food intolerance remains undetected.

The person with excessive dry thinning skin, hair loss and eye bags misses their thyroid imbalance.

Or the patients with tiredness, low mood and dull skin finds their Vitamin D deficiency goes undetected.  The list is endless.

To help solve the problem I’ve partnered up with a private medical Laboratory and I have picked 14 of the most common tests.

All tests can be ordered online.  Most analysed via a finger prick sample and results turned around within the week.

The company has employed medics on hand, if you felt you needed help interpreting the results and advice going forward.  If working directly with me, I can also help with this.

You can read more abut them and access them here.

The link is always on my website


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