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Introducing My Timeless Skincare Range

After 2 years in the making I’m excited to finally announce the launch of my own Medical Grade Skincare, Timeless.

You may be thinking why did I need to introduce my own after all this time?

In truth there were several reasons and after working with skin for 9 years,  it’s safe to say I had grown to know what my clients pain points were and how I could work to resolve them.

With all this in mind, I began working with a company who formulate products for Medical skin clinics and voila, Timeless was born!  It’s aim, to increase ease and simplicity for people, without compromising on high quality medical grade, evidence based ingredients.

To make the grade every product was tested by myself and several of my own clients.  We hope you like them as much as us.

I am currently running promotional Offers ending on the 18th of May

*20% off all Individual Timeless Products 

Bundle offer – Buy Recover Night cream and C-10 Vitamin C Serum and receive a free Reveal Cleanser Worth £33

Bundle Offer  – Buy Recover Night Cream and Hydrate Serum and receive a free Reveal Cleanser, worth £33


The range comprises of:

Reveal CleanserContaining natural clinically proven AHA’S, Glycolic, Salicylic and citric acids and soothing properties such as Aloe Vera to gently remove excess oil and impurities.  Ridding the skin of congestion and Increasing cell turnover to reveal smooth radiant looking skin. £33 Promo offer £26.40

C-10 Professional Strength Vitamin C Serum  – Advanced signature C-10 Serum offers daily antioxidant skin protection, mopping up damaging free radical activity, whilst brightening the skin. Contains the stabilised L-Ascorbic Acid.  A form of Vitamin C, easily and quickly absorbed by the skin for greater potency. £49.95 Promo offer £39.96

Hydrate – Hyaluronic Acid Serum – Contains natural hyaluronic acid.  A powerful humectant that attracts moisture in to the skin.  Absorbs quickly to hydrate and keep skin supple.  The active serum will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, whilst promoting an even skin tone and youthful complexion.  Optimal hydration helps to heal and soothe inflammation. £49.95 Promo offer £39.96

Recover active night cream –  Provides much needed extra care for your skin, helping it repair and renew from the days stresses.  Contains retinol along with soothing powerful hydrators and antioxidants, helping your skin, rejuvenate and recover. £59.95 Promo offer £47.96

R+ – 1% Liposomal Retinol Serum – A powerful and highly effective night serum containing 1% Retinol.  A stabilised derivative form of Vitamin A, clinically proven to increase cell turnover, reduce pore size, reduce pigmentation and improve uneven skin tone. £69.95 Promo offer £55.96

Below i’ve created a short video where you can learn more about the Timeless range.

Lots of Love

Gemma xx


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