Eye Issues 

Up to now there really hasn’t been a solution for clients presenting in clinic with the following issues:

Injections of Botox will not treat any of the above conditions; it will only make it worse. Although surgery can improve this kind of under eye skin condition, for some surgery is just a step too far.


So what is Hollywood eye magic and how does it work?

Hollywood eye magic is a serum, which is applied under the eye. Application takes no more than 30 seconds and results begin to show within minutes. The serum contains:

The trick with this product is definitely in the application. If too much is applied a light film may occur giving a cakey appearance. To avoid that and get the best results simply follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Shake the bottle and ensure the under eye area is clean. Use your cleanser with a cotton pad to cleanse under the eye thoroughly and accurately
  2. Ensure the skin is dry.
  3. Apply the treatment with a clean finger and massage in a circular motion, sweeping back and forth for a few seconds in a slightly firm fashion and leave a tad moist. If excess product leaves a residue at the edge, simply take a qtip and gently dab the edges with water. If puffiness is very severe then a second application may be necessary

Treatment can be applied every day and because it carries a cumulative effect the results get better. Results last for 10 -12 hrs. Rest assured the serum works by tucking so it won’t puff the face at all.


Before and After 

Please see some of the before and images. Images are untouched. Hollywood Eye Magic has only been applied to one eye in each image.


Hollywood eye magic retails at £70 and lasts for 300 applications.

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