Are you feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? 

When we’re caught up in this state, we often become disconnected from our breath and body, without even realising.

Our breathing pattern changes and we begin to harbour tension and rigidity in our muscles and throughout our whole body.

It may sound way too simple to be true, but

How we move is how we are! 

Crazy right?

That simply choosing to move our bodies daily, with more ease and less tension by slowing down, softening and reconnecting back to our breath, can affect how we feel in our minds.

Recent scientific discoveries have supported what perhaps yogic traditions and other cultures have known for some time.

A tense and rigid body equals a tense and rigid mind.

Dr Deepak Chopra, an inspiring pioneer in mind body medicine and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi a Neurology professor at Harvard University and Director of genetics and ageing research at Massechusetts General Hosptal, recently spoke together at a scientist symposium, highlighting that certain mental disorders are connected to either chaos or rigidity

So now science also confirms that setting our bodies and minds at ease, helps us to heal, restore and repair, creating lasting good health.

This quick 10 minute video helps to support you in simply reconnecting back to your breath and body.  Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable.  Sometimes for me it’s been the bathroom floor 🙂

The power of breath is amazing!  and lower stress levels, really do reflect on your skin.

I intend to do more videos around this, but to start, here is a quick 10 minute flow, to help guide you back to your breath / body connection and to help create space in the upper body.


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