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Have you ever wandered into to a department store and felt bamboozled with the array of choice available when it comes to skin care products?

Even what should be seen as a simple purchase, such as buying something to clean your skin, can turn in to a minefield! The sales assistants often tell us lots of conflicting advice and sadly many of us leave a store with our heads spinning, having felt pressured into making an often-costly purchase. A few weeks in, the product doesn’t meet expectations and ends up next to the other half used bottles on the bathroom shelf.

As you may know, I’m not employed by a specific skincare company and therefore have no interest in pushing their claims.
For me, products need to be backed by how I understand the physiology of the skin works. The ingredients contained in a product need to respect, enhance and assist this process.

So lets get to the facts!

To put it simply there is no special ritual that must be performed when it comes to cleaning your skin.

The job of a cleanser is to simply remove the grime and makeup of the day, without causing any harm to the skin in the process.

My cleanser can cause harm I hear you say!

Sadly the answer is yes. Removing your makeup with a product that contains the wrong ingredients can cause, or aggravate the following skin conditions, making the skin appear more aged and unhealthy looking:

This is due to disruption of the natural skin barrier.

I’ll be delving in to ingredients in more detail in my future posts, but the main nasty culprits are:

These ingredients are found in all spectrums of products, from supermarket cleansers, high street and designer brands.

Your skin is naturally very clever!

Let it do the job it’s designed to do by choosing a cleanser that respects the skins intelligence and works with it. This will keep your skin looking healthy and youthful, and enable anti ageing and other topical skin preparations to work properly.

A word about why the barrier of the skin is so important.

All in all helping you to look better!

We all lead busy lives, so to save you time hunting down the right cleanser for the job, I’ve done it for you.

My cleanser of choice retails at £20.00 for 150ml and is now available in my online skin store.

It passes the stringent checklist for all the above. It’s also exclusive so you won’t find it available in the high street or to purchase online.

It’s gentle enough to use around the eye and also safe for irritated, eczema or rosacea type skins. Available in two formulations, milk and gel. I always recommend choosing milk, unless you suffer with very severe acne type skin.

Lastly please don’t over wash the skin. Over cleaning can cause further irritation and disrupt that lovely barrier.

The most important time to cleanse is in the evening before bed, to remove the daily makeup and grime. When we awake the skin should still be relatively clean, unless you’ve been sleeping down a coal mine! So in the morning, just rinse the face with tepid water and pat dry, but no need to re -cleanse.

Simple cleansing steps tips

  1. Wet the skin with tepid water
  2. Pump the cleanser onto your hands and apply to wet skin in circular motions.
  3. Remove using a soft clean flannel or large cotton pads.
  4. Rinse the face with tepid water thoroughly to remove any residue.
  5. Pat dry using a clean towel
  6. Repeat these steps if necessary.

Happy cleansing everyone!

Gemma xx

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