It might sound strange but it’s true, granted it’s not the kind of injury resulting from a nasty accident, but letting a trained medical health professional needle the skin until it’s slightly traumatised is a safe, effective way to gain smoother, plumper more radiant, healthy looking skin! This procedure known as micro needling has been around for many years. Can you believe forms of it can be traced back as far as ancient Egyptian times?

Genuine Dermaroller
Genuine Dermaroller

Various versions are available nowadays, but in my practice I choose to use the Genuine Dermaroller device.

My reasons being:

Please be warned, purchasing rollers from the internet would not ensure this kind of safety to your skin.

So what is Dermaroller?

There are two treatment devices available. The first device resembles a mini hand held paint roller that has tiny needle columns on the end. These needles measure only millimeters in length.

The second is a new electrical version. Shaped more like a pen, ideal for treating hard to reach areas.

The needles are rolled over the skin in a precise way, creating channels into the dermis. By causing injury to the skin (in a controlled medical way ) the aim is to get the skin to repair itself naturally by triggering the wound healing cascade. This trigger stimulates the cells to produce collagen production and specific growth factors, resulting in smoother, brighter, plumper looking skin with more even tone, Clever hey?

Genuine Dermaroller treatment
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What skin concerns can be treated?

How often does treatment need to be undertaken?

One treatment can be given in isolation, but this is only recommend if a course of treatments has previously been undertaken. For optimum results a course of 3 treatments is recommended, 6 weeks apart. For clients with difficult cases of scarring, more than three may be necessary.

How long will results last?

Visible effects of collagen production start at approximately 6 weeks and continue for several years. Following this most patients will have one treatment as a top up around 18 months to 2 years, or carry on with a home rolling device, that compliments their skin regime.

Does treatment hurt?

For comfort I apply a topical anesthetic to your face for 45 minutes prior to procedure and so far I’ve never had anyone jump off the treatment bed! For clients who have undertaken treatment with manual and electrical versions, they do describe the electrical version as being more comfortable in comparison. The price for both is the same.

Does the skin need to be prepped?

Preparing the skin prior to procedure ensures optimum results. Healthy skin will respond better to treatment and results will last longer. Topical preparations include things like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, copper peptides, growth factors, and sunscreen.

What about downtime?

Following procedure the skin will be pinky red, resembling sunburn. This will last approximately 48 hours. Following that the skin will become more dry than normal. It is best to schedule a few days downtime in your diary.

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