At Christmas time I always treat myself to a new journal.  The aim being to set clear intentions and goals for the year ahead.  I found this beauty in a small department stall in my local town and i’m in love with the cover.

The strange thing was, a few days  before I stumbled across the journal, the image of the sun in the middle came to me really clearly during my morning meditation.

As 2016 draws to a close, I encourage you to take time to reflect on your year. Today is also the new moon (a time to set new intentions) So it’s the perfect opportunity to go somewhere quiet, maybe light a candle, reflect and think about what you desire for the year ahead.

2015 was a pretty rough year feeling wise.  So In January 2016, I set a personal intention to give myself the gift of feeling happy, content and carefree and to experience more freedom & adventure. I also decided to let go of and release what was no longer serving me – worry and anxiety.

Looking back it’s being an amazing year.  I’ve achieved most, not everything that I set out to and I feel much more reconnected to who I truly am.
Here’s few tips to help you get started in your journal and start creating 2017 the way you want it.  Try not to do this exercise once.  Today is just a great time to start.  Try to implement this practice daily, as you get more specific and begin to chunk down each area of your life.

•What dreams came true in 2016
•What beautiful lessons did you learn in 2016?
•How do you know yourself more?
•What are you proud of yourself for?
•What do you need to let go of that’s no longer serving you?
•What are you grateful for?
In 2017
•What do you want to experience it as?
•How do you want to feel?
•What do you want to give yourself the gift of?
•What do you promise yourself?
•2017 will be the year you…..


I hope you all have an amazing blessed New year.


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