Blood Tests

 Take control of your own health.

No one understands your body the way you do.

Do you have a suspicion you may be lacking in nutrients or imbalanced?

Are you too frightened to ask you GP for these simple tests?

Private blood testing has never been so simple.

Test kits are delivered to your door and most can be analysed in the lab via a finger prick sample.

Results are interpreted by the medical team and returned to you within days.



Introducing Timeless Treatment Packages.

Introducing my new Timeless Premium Packages and Timeless Refresh Packages. Created to provide a more smooth and seamless service. For example. Someone may be looking for help with sagging skin.  The most effective treatment, would require a plan that would address...

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New Service Alert

I've finally implemented an important service, that you can access from the comfort of your own home. It was the recent diagnosis of my husbands B12 deficiency ( it was pretty much non existent) that prompted me to take action! Picked up routinely on a blood test, we...

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Healing Juices & broths for clearing acne skins.

Broths & Juices for glowing skin, clearing acne & optimum health I'm a huge advocate for the power of nature and its healing abilities. I also believe healing comes from within, not an outside source. One of the techniques I use to treat skin conditions and...

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