"A rare combination of skills that will have the biggest impact on your beauty, health and wellbeing."

Hi, I’m Gemma

Twenty-two years ago I left University as a Qualified Nurse, with the keen desire to make a positive difference to peoples lives.

I quickly found my passion within the field of cardiology, reaching senior level at the tender age of 25. My job was to help rehabilitate and educate patients on health and lifestyle, in relation to their heart.

I slowly began to realise there was a real lack in identifying the root cause of many lifestyle related diseases.

Over the years the link became more and more apparent in how stress directly impacts our physical appearance, general health and wellbeing.

Taking the leap

Ten years ago I decided to leave the NHS and make the leap in to Cosmetic Nursing in 2010 when my son was born, after experiencing the affects of stress and burnout myself. I wanted to move away from death and disease and experience the lighter side of Nursing and life!

At the time I had suffered with acne for 18 years and eventually healed myself. I identified a huge gap in the market for people experiencing similar troublesome skin problems, so I decided to take the plunge and set up my own private practice.

Being an independent nurse prescriber, I already had autonomy in the way I can work, as I hold a license that enables me to prescribe medications as a doctor does, if required.

I attended additional advanced training in anti ageing skin treatments, so I could bring this to my own practice.

Entering in to the emerging field of Cosmetics was the biggest eye opener in my career to date and I questioned everything! My own morals, ethics and beliefs!

Years on...

I still somehow felt that I couldn’t truly identify, with what I considered to be growing in to a crazy, unregulated and somewhat dangerous industry. I would feel incredibly sad seeing images of people beginning to look odd, in the quest for beauty, when I was trying to achieve the exact opposite for my patients.

I also felt many vulnerable people were being left wide open to exploitation, in the name of profit.

I slowly decided to drop certain services which didn’t align with my true values and who I was and got really clear on who, and how I can serve.

Someone who’s looking for help with ageing concerns, but in a very respectful, natural and subtle way. Someone who embraced how they look and didn’t want to change themselves, just restore and slow down time a little. Someone who wanted to simply look good for their age and knows that the good stuff we see on the outside, comes from the inside.

trained Strala Yoga teacher

You may have noticed I am also a trained Strala Yoga teacher!

Strala helps me balance my busy work and life commitments, but also enhances my skin work, when working with troublesome skin concerns. Many emotions we hold, such as stress and tension will show up on the skin.

Fast forward ten years and I’m proud to say my skin clinic has grown greatly and organically via word of mouth with little marketing.

I’ve steadily gained a reputation for being the go to practitioner who can provide undetectable injectables. People always report back that others comment on how well they’re looking, but other than great skin, are unable to put their finger on why.

My second passion is acne

I'm registered as an ARA UK accredited practice for treating acne.

I’ve also taken on the role as UK trainer for a National cosmetic training company, teaching other medical professionals, who are new to the world of cosmetics.

I've launched my own skincare Range, Timeless for age maintenance and healthy skin.

I’m truly grateful

...to be able to help so many people with their skin, health and wellbeing.

I’ve learnt and still learning, that reconnecting with who we truly are, dissolving stress and tension, with a little help on the outside is the key to everything! Ageing well, being well and living well, its all connected!